What is a Firewall? And anything you need to know about it.

A Firewall is a type of system that is designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from the private network. It can be hardware or software. Firewalls prevent unauthorized users from accessing private networks connected to the internet. It provides a barrier to control network traffic. The most important use of a Firewall is it protects your computer or the network from being attacked by internet hackers, viruses, and worms.

Five types of Firewalls:

  1. Stateful inspection firewalls
  2. Next-gen firewalls
  3. Packet filtering firewalls
  4. Application-level gateways
  5. Circuit-level gateways

Advantages of having Firewall security:

  • Easy installation procedure
  • Companies can easily manage websites that can be accessed by employees. Automatically blocking the user from accessing other websites except for the ones provided by the company.
  • It can block suspicious IP addresses.
  • Protects network from viruses and worms
  • It controls the traffic in and out of the network.
  • It blocks other computers from accessing programs installed in your computer or network.
  • It protects your wireless network (WiFi)

Though we have listed many of its advantages, firewall security has its own limitations too and some of it follows:

  • A firewall cannot stop users to access inaccessible websites when they are using malicious codes.
  • It cannot prevent users or attackers when they are using a modem if they are dialing in to or out of the internal network.
  • A firewall cannot protect a network that is lacking security system or measures.
  • It cannot always protect your network from Hackers. As hackers don’t just attack malware or Trojans – they know where exactly to get into your computer or network thus, bypassing the firewall.

We must always remember that network security such as Firewall is there to help us protect our computer network. But if the company or business is lacking security organization or measurement, Firewalls alone cannot do everything to protect you from all the harm in the computer world. Businesses should think of security measures that are suitable for the company in order to protect their assets.

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