What are the security controls your business must consider?

Running a business is such a difficult and risky thing to do. Aside from keeping your eye on the business growth you also have to take care of your I.T. infrastructure. And having a business means it is vulnerable to cyber threats and viruses.

Different security controls can save your business from different internet harm. We have listed below some of the controls your business must consider having…

1. Virus and/or Malware detection

All your business computers must be equipped with antivirus software that can detect a virus and/or malware attacks. The antivirus should automatically block the incoming virus and provide a report to the user.

2. Network and Security updates

As we all know network and security updates are patches loopholes. Updating it whenever it is available will give the network more security and protection from malware attacks. Updating the software is also necessary to keep everything in sync.

3. Cybersecurity training

Providing cybersecurity training to employees and letting them know the importance of it would benefit the business. If the employees know how to protect the business from cyber threats and other viruses, the business will run smoothly.

4. User access control

Limit the access control of the user, in this way it will also prevent a user from entering a secured location on your network which will avoid getting attack by cybercriminals unintentionally. 

5. Data encryption

Putting encryption to your data and files will protect it from cybercriminals who would want to steal it. It will only allow an authorized person or user to control and get passed to it.


Determining the security controls for your business is keeping your business safe and secure. Business security should be the top priority which means strengthening your security protocols will lead the business in the right way.

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