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Jackson Computer Consulting offers modern VoIP services that will change the way you do business for the better!

Your poor old desk phone. You don’t use it nearly as much as you used to use it. Why? Well, cell phones are so handy! The problem, however, is that cell phone long distance bills can get expensive, and they don’t have functional integration with your current landline business phone system.

VoIP is the answer!

  • VoIP runs on the internet – not old telephone lines.
  • VoIP saves you up to 50% over your traditional phone carrier’s system!
  • VoIP is mobile – use it anywhere for the same price!
  • VoIP is flexible – add or remove lines and users easily from an online control panel!
  • VoIP delivers full-function business communications!
  • VoIP has smartphone apps that tie into your business system seamlessly!

What else does Jackson Computer Consulting do to help you make use of VoIP business communications technology?

  • We perform T1 extensions – getting your high-speed internet transmission line to the locations you need it in your facility
  • Setting up your network and running network cable
  • Ensuring you have 99.9999% reliable internet connectivity

Feeding your old, outdated phone system to the monster named VoIP may be the best thing you do for your business this year!

Because of the features of cost savings, flexibility, and mobility, business communications are quickly moving toward VoIP phone systems.

Ready to learn more? We have the facts you need to help you make an informed decision. Reach out to the Jackson Computer Consulting team today at (412) 853--3708 or [email protected]

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