UPDATE NOW! How important is it?

For frequent computer or mobile users, you must be familiar with the pop-up window or box saying that a new update is available. Whether it is a software, operating system or app – an update is the most common thing you should always consider.

But the question is – how important it is to do the update whenever it is available? Here are the two simplest reasons why an update is essential and a must!

1. Security-wise

The operating system, software and/or apps require an update when available as it helps the user to have more security and protection over cyber threats and viruses. Developers are continuously working to always be a step ahead of cybercriminals. They always check the loopholes that can be an easy gateway to cyber threats.

2. Program enhancements

Updates are not only meant for system security, but it is also there to fix bugs, errors, and added functionality on the program. As we always say, “there is no such thing as perfect”, that is why developers always look for answers, easy fixes, and corrections on the program to provide a better customer experience.


Nowadays, security is the most crucial thing you should consider whether you are a home user or in business. Your data, as well as your equipment, are two things that will get hurt once a cyber threat penetrated onto your computer system. Damages can be from minimal to maximum extent that losing your business can be at stake. Don’t take “update” for granted… It is there to make your life not only easier but also protected.

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