TOP Web-based calling app for small business

Meetings? WiFi calling? Conference call? These are very common in business. Communication is the key to a great business relationship. Having a scheduled meeting or a once in a while conference calling is very common most especially in small businesses, to make sure that everything is on track and everyone is in-line with their targets or goal. Having this kind of communication can lead to a strong employer-employee relationship.

We’ll share to you the most common and top web-based calling app that is commonly used in small businesses.

1. SKYPE – this tool is very common and a user-friendly app. This can be used in video calling, conference call, and even international calling. Skype calling is for free, but calling a certain phone number may apply some charges. Aside from calling, you can also send and receive messages through this app. This app was designed by Microsoft.

2. GOOGLE HANGOUTS – for GMAIL users, you can easily use Google Hangouts as it is just one click from your email account. You can do audio and video calls using this app. You can also create a team or group to make conference calling easier. It can be downloaded to smartphones too.

3. UBERCONFERENCE – this is one of the best free conference calls. It is very easy to use. You can simply go to their website, set up or join a conference call for free. This app doesn’t need a PIN, which makes it easy to use. In this app, you can also record a call as an MP3 file.

4. ZOOM – Zoom is one of the most reliable calling app. This software combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat or messaging and can be downloaded on smartphones. You can also use this app for webinars.

5. GOOGLE MEET – this is a video conferencing call for free. This is like a business-oriented version of Google Hangouts. You can save scheduled meetings on this app. This app can also be used through smartphones as it provides a unique PIN number for every meeting. You can also save or record your meetings. A recording is automatically saved in Google Drive.

6. JOIN.ME – this is one of the newest web-focused calling app that provides a variety of features that are useful for small businesses. Aside from audio and video calling, you can also do screen-sharing. Screen sharing can be helpful especially to those who do online training. This has a free trial version and once the trial period is up, you have to pay for a service cost.  You can choose from $10, $20, and $30 packages.

7. WEBEX – is a product made by Cisco that is designed for video and web conferencing, online meetings, webinars and screen sharing. Cisco also made a WEBEX hardware so you can host a video conference using the device itself. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t come with a trial version, you can buy their packages for $24, $49, and $69.

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