Today, the Internet is our “go-to-guy” in everything we do. We’re using the internet when we want to find some recipe to cook. We’re using the internet if we are researching for our projects. We are using the internet if we would like to pay our bills conveniently and so on.

And because of our busy schedules, all these things can be done anywhere and anytime. We either use our data or the public WiFi from businesses and establishments. And since public WiFi is free, we tend to use it to save money on our data.

But is it safe to use public WiFi? What can we do to stay safe when using public WiFi.

Check out our tips below on staying safe while using public WiFi…

1. Limit your activity online

When you are using public WiFi, it’s okay to check your Facebook or other social media pages. But never access your bank account or any of your financial business or personal information while on WiFi. Always presume that you are using a non-secured network and hackers can easily access it.

2. Only access secure sites

Do not forget the public WiFi is more often prone to get hacked due to a not being secured networking system. Therefore, avoid access any malicious or unsecured websites when surfing the net. One tip to know whether the site is secured or not is you should see “HTTPS” instead of just “HTTP”.

3. Choose the public WiFi to use

The only tip here is do not use a “not so” established establishments. Big stores, coffee shops, libraries, or malls could be more secure than connecting to public transportation or small shops.

4. Do not enable the auto-connect on your WiFi settings

Whenever using a public WiFi do not click or tap the auto-connect feature on your mobile or PC and once you are done using the public WiFi always click on the “Forget This Network” option.


When using public WiFi, be mindful of the things you are exposing over the internet. Hackers usually get their victims in unsecured networks and locations. It is okay to use the public WiFi to save the data on your mobile or PC but keep your information safe by remembering the tips that we have shared with you.

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