Tips to protect the data on your computer

The number of viruses and cyber threats is growing daily. Due to these rising threats, protecting your data should be your number one priority. Protecting your data is much like protecting yourself from criminal attacks.

Today, we’ll give you some tips on how you can protect your data.

1. Backup your data

Storing your data in just one location is a big NO-NO! There are many ways to backup your data. It could be in a hard drive, Cloud or other storage software.

2. Use only secure and legitimate websites

Always use secure and legitimate websites, especially when you have to encode your personal information such as financial details. Always check the URL if it is secured, https:// you should check the “s” from the URL as it defined that the site is secured.

3. Use only a secure browser

Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari are just a couple of browsers that you can trust. Most viruses can be found from browsers that are not secured so better yet stick to these mentioned browsers.

4. Create a strong password

By creating a strong and complex password hackers cannot easily guess, this will help prevent them from getting in to steal your data. Your password is like a lock on your door. The stronger the lock is the harder for the penetrator to get inside.

5. Install/update your antivirus software

This is your number one weapon against viruses and cyber threats. Regularly scan your computer. Update your antivirus software whenever it is available.


Knowing and practicing the basics is an easy task. As long as you know how important your data is, you’ll keep on protecting it by all means. Losing data might not be only a simple loss, it may lead you to a much serious situation. Always take precautionary measures especially when your data is at stake.

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