Nowadays, email is one of the best and fastest ways to communicate with anyone. Email can be sent or received in less than a minute or so which is better rather than using the old and traditional way of mailing.

However, with the number of emails being sent and received, there’s a big opportunity for internet threats such as scamming, phishing, etc.

In this article, we will share some tips on how you can identify a malicious or dangerous email.

1. Unknown Sender – one easy way to know if the email is malicious or not is through the sender. If you received an email from someone you don’t know or you are not expecting an email from – be aware! It is better if you’ll just delete it right away.

2. Suspicious Links – Phishing, scamming, and other threats lie in suspicious links. If you’re not familiar or not heard about the links that were sent to you do not open it. Most of them will lead to getting your information. Even out of curiosity, do not open it.

3. Attachments – Same as with the links, attachments are also harmful. Attachments with file names like .DOC, .ZIP, .PDF, and so forth. Though not all attachments are harmful, all you need to do is to take precautionary measures or just be cautious for whatever attachments you are going to open.

4. Personal Information – Most email scams are eyeing for your personal information, especially your name, social security number, birthday, and financial information. Phishing can be as dangerous as it can be to the point that it will damage you personally. If you receive an email asking for your personal information with no accurate details as to why delete the email immediately.


The only way to be safe from malicious emails is to know exactly what the email is. Any email that you’re not familiar with is better to be removed or deleted. Also, you can set up your email by sending all unknown sender to your spam or junk folders, flagged them so you won’t receive it again. And lastly, install an anti-virus software on your computer that can block malicious attachments or links.

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