Tips on how to clean-up your computer

The term “Cleaning up your computer” is not meant as the external cleaning of a computer. It is in fact meant for internal clean-ups. Internal clean-up your computer is also one of the things that you could do if your computer is slowing down.

Here are the things to do to perform an internal clean-up.

1. DO a browser cleanup

Simply check your saved browsers along with the extensions and remove the browsers you are no longer using or not in use. By doing so, you are giving more air to your computer system and will help your computer to run faster than usual. Also, clear your computer’s browsing history, cache and/or save passwords.

2. DELETE files, programs, and apps

You will get more space and storage by simply deleting unused files, programs, and apps from your computer. Computers work much more efficiently when they are not loaded with these types of files. You will also find an increased speed to your computer system by simply cleaning up unused files, programs, and apps. Know what files or apps that are important and worth keeping.

3. Use an external hard drive as storage

Concerning number 2, we understand that there’s a side of us that we always want to keep our photos, music or other files on our computer. Therefore, you can use an external hard drive like USB to store tons of photos, music and files so you can free up some space on your computer. Make sure your hard drive is free from viruses before using it.

4. Perform a malware or virus scan

By doing this regularly, you are protecting your computer from internet threats such as viruses and cyber-attacks. Use anti-virus software that suits your computer needs. Utilize your anti-virus software as much as possible to give you the best protection for your computer.


Using the basic tips that we have provided you, you are saving your computer from slowing down, full storage, and cyber threats. Doing a regular cleanup will not only save your computer from internet threats but also will extend your computer’s life expectancy.

Should you need more tips or assistance for computer cleanup, talk to our I.T. professionals. We’ll be more delighted to service you and keep you updated with the latest in the computer world.

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