Every day, there are reports of cyber scams. Scammers are getting wiser and resourceful just to trick their victims. However, scams can be easily figured when you are paying attention whenever you’re online.

Today, we’ll give you tips on how to spot a cyber scam easily…

1. Email Scams

This is the type of scam that is so frequent to happen. Scammers are sending emails in many forms. This email may trick you to download something that could lead to getting a virus on your computer. Here are the things to look for when you receive a malicious email:

  • Asking for a password reset
  • Incorrect grammar, typographical errors or wrong syntax
  • Provided a link to click on that is not understandable or does not have a clear URL
  • No letterhead
  • Broken images
  • A suspicious email address listed on sender’s name

2. Pop-up Scams

          When we are browsing the internet and entering a website, normally you would encounter pop-ups and the most common one it to subscribe to their newsletters. However, internet fraud and scams are very rampant and are using these pop-ups to gather personal information from users. Here are the tips to check if the pop-up is legitimate or not.

  • Wrong spelling, bad grammar
  • Pop-ups that asking for a credit/debit card or other financial information
  • URLs are misspelled
  • The links are being redirected to another site
  • Unusual domain on the URL

3. Marketing or Advertising Scams

          This type of scams usually happens when using online shops or websites. The best way to know that the site you are on is safe especially when entering your financial information is if you see https:// . The “S” symbolizes that the site is protected and secured. Also, always look for the “Terms and Conditions” and “Buyer Protection” field.


Scam can be easily traced if you just pay attention to what you are doing online. Cyber threats are found all over the internet, so you have to make sure to always be wiser, cautious, and be one step ahead of them.

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