Things you must do after a Data Breach

As we become more dependent on the technology especially the internet, the possibility of encountering a data breach or security threat increases. Security threats do not just target businesses individuals as well.

But what happens when you think your information has been compromised? What would be your next step?

We have listed below the things that may help you to bounce back after a data breach.

1. Know exactly what information has been stolen

After knowing that your information has been compromised, keep your cool and start organizing everything. First, know exactly what information that hacker has stolen from you. Would it be just a plain name and address? Or more sensitive information such as birthdate, credit/debit card, Social Security Number or other bank details? If, for example, your bank details – call them immediately and have them temporarily deactivate your account until the issue is fixed.

2. Create new and stronger passwords

Setting up new and stronger passwords must be the next thing you must do after a data breach. If you have online accounts that you think have been hacked, immediately change your password to a more complex but easy to remember password. It is also a lot safer if there’s an additional authentication code that can be added to your account.

3. Update your security system

Once you have confirmed a data breach, you must check your security system. Check if your anti-virus software is updated or if you think you need a different one, check the internet of which anti-virus software fits your online activities. Install a firewall if needed, it will increase your network security by blocking malicious sites and other types of viruses.

4. Get assistance from the professionals

Let’s say it is your online accounts such as credit/debit card has been compromised, call your financial institution to report such incident. Ask them to deactivate your account temporarily so that it can’t be used in an illegal transaction. If it’s your SSN, contact the police. Worked with them in regards to your SSN. Stolen SSN might lead to identity theft.

5. Call an I.T. expert

It is always better to seek for assistance from I.T. experts who know exactly what to do after a data breach; you can also ask for their recommendations on what kind of network security fits you.


Hackers are getting bigger and stronger that is why you have to keep an eye on them. Perform a regular security check on your system. Do not share any confidential information with others. Do not use untrusted sites if you are connected to a public WiFi or limit your transaction or activity online.

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