Things to remember before you dispose your computer

We have invested a lot (maybe hundreds of dollars) when we bought our computer. But just like any other devices or equipment, computers have their own life expectancy too. In most cases, computers last for not more than 5 years. Though at times, you can still use it but you will definitely be dealing with some hardware issues or faulty software. In other cases, we buy a new computer because the one we have is broken. If this happens, it is the best time for you to get a new one – fresh and up to date computer.

BUT WAIT! Before thinking of disposing of your old or broken computer there are things you should and must do to prevent from any untoward incident.

1. Back-up your data

First thing first! This is the very first thing you should do and pay attention to. But what is the data you should create a back-up?

  • Personal data

This is your photos, videos, music, movies, personal information such as bank account details, birthday, SSN, documents, files, etc. It is very important that you back this information up to prevent identity theft and any similar incidents.

  • Emails, browser data, downloaded files, and apps

Since you have your computer for quite a long time, you used to not logging off your email accounts. Make sure to get all the needed information or files in there and log it off. Same goes with your browser data, clear your browsing history, saved passwords, and clear the cache. You may also back up your downloaded files and apps if you still need them for future reference.

2. Wipe your data

Identity theft, this is the number 1 reason why you have to wipe all your data from your computer. I’m sure you do not want anyone to get your personal information such as SSN, birthdate, and bank information. Make sure to wipe it in every “corner” of your computer. From your computer’s notepad to your hard drive, wipe them out. It is for your security and protection as well.

3. Uninstall your downloaded programs or apps

Before trashing out your computer, delete or uninstall all the programs and apps that you have downloaded. Whether it is just a simple program or apps it is still better to have them removed.

4. Recycle or re-use computer parts

Try to think outside the box. See if you can salvage or re-use some of the computer parts, like the monitor. You can use that to set up a dual monitor as long as it is compatible with the new set of the computer that you will be purchasing. For the desktop hard drive, you can use that as a hard drive or storage. Just like what I did on my desktop’s hard drive, I removed it from the CPU and I used it to save movies, pictures, and videos and I can play it in my TV or computer.


Disposing of an old or broken computer can be laborious, but it is nothing compared to securing and protecting your personal and sensitive information. There are so many unpleasant incidents happening in the computer world, we have to be very careful and our personal information should remain confidential.

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