Things to do to avoid Phishing scam

Have you been a victim of a phishing scam? I hope not… No one wants to be a victim of a phishing scam. No one wants their sensitive information to be taken by someone.

Good thing that there are some guidelines to follow for you to avoid phishing scams…

1. Keep your browser up-to-date.

Just like the operating system, your browser must be updated whenever it is available. The developers of the browsers have been continuously strengthening the security to avoid any loopholes.

2. Get Antivirus software.

Antivirus software is your best weapon for everything on the internet. Use the antivirus software that fits your computer usage and needs. Choose the one that suits your financial needs as well, antivirus software is available both at no charge and a paid subscription

3. Do not give out your personal information.

Rule of thumb: Giving out your personal information online to someone you do not know personally is a huge mistake unless you have confirmed the site is valid, credible, and trusted. Always verify before making any transactions. Use extreme caution making financial transactions online; verify the source prior to entering any information. Be sure the site is trustworthy and credible/ if you have any doubt, just don’t enter the information.

4. Use a Firewall.

If you are running a business make sure you are using a firewall. The firewall will block unauthorized access to malicious and/or unauthorized websites.

5. Be cautious of the pop-ups.

Pop-ups are another tool that scammers are using to move on to their next victims. Do not click just any pop-ups you are not sure of. If you are not familiar with the information that showed up on your screen, you might as well click on the “X” or close button on the pop-up.

6. Get yourself updated with the latest in cybersecurity.

Always do your research. Subscribe to newsletters about cybersecurity. Know the latest news and updates that you can apply to your computer or network to avoid phishing scams.

7. Think Before You Click.

This phrase is so in-demand now especially now that there’s too much going on in the world of internet. Do not just click any link, sites or pop-ups that you would see. Know first if they are legitimate or not.


Phishing scams started when the internet became available. Everyone who uses the internet is at risk of these scams. Will they ever be stopped in their tracks in order to no longer be a threat? No one can answer that question so in the meantime protect yourself, your personal information and your business information from falling into a phishing trap. Use every precaution available to you. This is one place not to cut corners. Antivirus, firewall, and strict internet behaviors will help protect your information from being accessed by these scams.

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