We must admit, the telephone is one of the many types of equipment that we are often using. Whether it is a home phone, business phone, and/or smartphones. Telephones really changed the way of communications. It made communications a lot easier and convenient.

In business, the telephone system is composed of a multi-phone line that encircles the systems from technology key telephone system (KTS) to private branch exchange (PBX).

As we all know, the main function of a telephone is making and receiving calls. (A very important function of a business) As the communication technology grows, there are a lot of innovations that are being enhanced to maximize the use of the telephone. Some of the additional functions include call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, speed dialing, voicemail, etc.

In this article, we’ll discuss more on the business telephone system.

Benefits of the telephone system in business:

1. Clear communication between employee, employer, and clients.

2. Flexibility in terms of reaching customers.

3. Scalability in terms of letting your phone systems grow as your business grows.

4. Low cost.

5. Longer life span.

Four main types of business telephone system:

1. Voice Over Internet Protocol System (VoIP)

        – This telephone system is what most businesses are using nowadays. VoIP system is a technology that transmits your voice into a digital signal which allows you to make or receive calls using your computer and/or from an actual VoIP phone.

2. Key Systems Unit (KSU)

        – This type of telephone system is suitable for small businesses that have less than 40 employees. It has multiple buttons that represent each individual line.

3. Private Branch Exchange Systems (PBX)

        – This one is good for a business that has more than 40 employees. PBX phone users can easily communicate with each other even outside their organization using different communication channels such as VoIP, analog and/or ISDN.

4. Hosted VoIP

        – This is almost the same as VoIP. The only difference is that this is being handled by a service provider. This is quite more expensive than the regular VoIP phone system.


The telephone system has become a very important source of communication since the day it was invented. Not only to talk to our loved ones, but also to support our business in many ways. We can be assured that if there is a telephone system, we will never lose our communication to anyone. For installation, repair and/or upgrade of your telephone systems, Jackson Technologies got your back. We have partnered with the best-in-the-class providers to support any of your I.T. needs. We can be reached at (412) 853-3708 or Email us to [email protected]. You can also follow send us a direct message via our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (username: @JCCHelp)