The telephone system is one of the basic necessities whether at home or in a business. In business, this is the common gateway to speed up the process, do the transaction, and to get in touch with your customers. Having phone downtime is a big NO-NO! Though not like the internet, telephone lines hardly meet an issue but if there is, you should know the basic troubleshooting steps and what the possible causes are.


        Cause: Faulty device, improper wire/cable connection

          What to do:

  1. Inspect the actual device and the cables/wires attached from it for any sign of physical damage.
  2. Unplug the telephone; disconnect everything that is connected from it. Wait for about 60 seconds before turning it back on.
  3. If the issue persists, contact an I.T. expert to further diagnose the cause of the problem.


        Cause: Watermark from the outside equipment like unseen moisture on the hardware, electrical interference.

          What to do:

                   1. Check the outside equipment if there’s no sign of watermarks.

                   2. Check the cable connection or the jack it is plugged into.

                   3. Make sure that the telephone is not too close to other electrical equipment such as TV, radio, fax, answering machines and/or other phones.

                   4. Reboot the telephone.

                   5. If you still hear a static or cracky line, call an I.T. expert to do the repair.

3. “LINE IN USE” error message / unable to receive incoming calls

        Cause: Phone is not properly dropped or for cordless phones – the “off” button was not pressed after ending the call.

          What to do:

                1. Check the handheld of the telephone is it is properly pleaced on the device.

                   2. Confirm if there is no one using the phone or no else is on the line.

                   3. Make sure that the cables or wires at the back of the telephone are secured and plugged in.

                   4. Unplug the device and put it back on. Retest the line using a different phone line.

4. ECHO sound in line

        Cause: Line issue, a twisted wire, sign of water damage, transmission signal.

          What to do:

                1. Check the physical appearance of your telephone and check for no sign of water damage.

                   2. Verify the telephone wiring. There should be no sign of breakout or crumpled wires.

                   3. If talking to someone on the phone, ask to turn the volume down and see if echo is gone.

                   4. Try to move away from equipment with sound transmission such as TV and/or radio.

                   5. Hang up the phone and re-dial the person you are calling and see if you’ll get a better transmission.


        Telephone issues should not be taken for granted as the telephone is a pertinent piece of equipment used in business. Having a long period of telephone downtime may cost a lot for the business. Communication between the employer and employee as well as the company and clients are very important factors to consider building a stable and better telephony system or infrastructure.

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