Jackson Technologies is more than just an IT services provider. We also provide top quality phone and cabling services too. Since IT and telecommunications services often go hand-in-hand, we’ve set out to be a service provider in both areas for a one-stop-shop approach that is fast and reliable.


Business Phone Systems

Trade your traditional land-line based systems for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system today and see the difference right away.

How are VOIP phone systems better?

  • Run over an Internet-based system not telephone lines
  • Save up to 50% on your traditional carrier’s system
  • Allow you to easily scale up or down from an online control panel
  • Move your service anywhere for the same price
  • Provide full-function business communication services that integrates with your mobile device

Security System Installation

Keeping your business safe and secure is important. Security and access point systems do more than just provide protection. Companies add these systems to their locations to:

  • Greet and identify guests before they enter the premise
  • Reduce theft and liability
  • Maintain a professional outward appearance
  • Potentially save on insurance premiums

Cabling and Wiring Services

Let us help you choose the right type of cabling the best suits your needs today and into the future. We have experience installing and serving telecommunications and LED lighting systems in facilities large and small. Whether you need to equipment a single site or link multiple locations, Jackson Technologies is the right team of experts to partner with on the project.