The word technology is too complex and wide. But, let us try to put it in a basic and simple term – Technology, which includes computers and the Internet, is a piece of knowledge or science that co-relate to our life, environment or society. We can say that most of the things we do in our everyday life have something to do with technology. Some examples of us using technology every day are: using a microwave oven to reheat food, driving a car, making phone calls, browsing or searching on the Internet and a lot more. Technology helps us to become more productive and time efficient. We are using technology from the time we wake up and we use the shower to take a bath to go to bed when we set our alarm clock.

There are many types of Technology. Let us name and categorize them:

  • Communications – this includes mobile phones, the process of receiving and sending text messages or making outgoing calls as well as receiving incoming calls.
  • Manufacturing – the process of creating and designing of products. Some examples are tools for drilling, machines to produce a certain product.
  • Transportation – best examples are cars such as trucks, trains, airplanes, boats.
  • Construction – designing of new houses, buildings or infrastructures.
  • Information Technology – the Internet is the first that comes to our mind.
  • Energy – think of your electricity or solar powers.
  • Medical­ – common samples are the equipment used in diagnosing or treating diseases such as stethoscopes, MRI scanners, ventilators, etc.

Listed above are just some of the technologies we are using on a daily basis. With the use of technology, we are able to perform, decide, research and work simultaneously and efficiently. Let us use our technology wisely and we can’t go wrong.

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