Small businesses are booming. Most of them focus on their products, profit, and marketing strategy. But one thing they are forgetting is the technology side of the business. Even small businesses need an I.T. professional to properly manage their computer systems, data storage, network security, and other technology. Though we also know that having an I.T. department would be impossible. The small business owner must know the importance of it to run the business smoothly. They can partner with an I.T. company who will oversee its overall I.T. systems. This is to ensure that whenever they encounter I.T. issues, they have an immediate I.T. expert to call. This is a kind of strategy that most small businesses are missing. 

Today, we will discuss and share with you the most common technical problems small businesses are facing and what they can do to resolve it.

INTEGRATION ISSUES. Due to consistent change and innovation in technology, the major issue is the outdated software or hardware. Keep in mind that an outdated system can cause trouble in business in instances like system malfunction, compatibility, and efficiency.

CLOUD SERVICES. Whether you’re a big or small business you need a cloud service which will allow you to access applications, files, and data all-in-one software. This is also the best service when it comes to storage.

CYBERSECURITY ISSUE. Hackers and cyber-criminals are becoming more intelligent, resourceful, and they are all over the places. You store almost all of your company’s information on your computer. In just one click of a hacker, everything can be washed out.

BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY. Accidental deletion of data, loss files due to power failure or computer crash. Having a reliable and stable backup is very important most especially in these cases. You must also have the Disaster Recovery System that can be used in extreme and unfortunate events such as fire, earthquake, and typhoon.

WELL-TRAINED STAFF. All employees must know how to handle I.T. equipment to reduce the risk of damages. They should know how to operate, do basic troubleshooting, and also updated with the software your company is using. Knowing what applications, equipment, and system they are using can help them be more productive and efficient.

Benefits of partnering with Jackson Technologies:

  • Our professional project managers can either work under your direction or take a project from soup to nuts–pulling together requirements from your internal teams, defining budgets, vendor recommendation, and execution.
  • Project types include technology improvements, hardware and software upgrades, installations, cabling, project initiation, planning, execution, and follow-up.
  • Our team has completed hundreds of projects and is comfortable on a variety of different hardware, software, and business infrastructure needs.
  • No matter the scope or scale of your project or the technology solution that you need to implement, we can come alongside and support your team in any way that makes sense.

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