Wondering why your office computers are slowing down? Many factors that affect the performance of your office computers and that is what we are going to share with you today.

Having slow office computers can create a domino effect in the business. When office computers are performing poorly it first affects the efficiency of your employees as they might not be able to perform their tasks to their best that they can be. And when employees are not performing well this means your business is slowing down since deliverables will not meet on time.

Let us take a look at the reasons why your office computer is performing poorly:

1. Old computers

When your business is using old or outdated computers, this is the first reason why it is performing poorly. New and updated computers are performing better and faster than the old ones. New computers have added features which help in providing quality outcomes.

2. Hardware incompatibility

Compatible hardware can make a big difference when it comes to performance. When your office computers are connected to a network that does have an incompatible router, modem, switch, etc., definitely that will affect the speed of your computers.

3. Corrupted files, damaged hard drives, and/or storage full

Having corrupted files, damaged hard drives, and/or full storage are major reasons for slow computers. Corrupted files which can be a result of virus infection will not only slow your computer down but worse it can damage your entire computer. Damaged hard drives or full storage is one big factor that affects computers’ performance and this should not be taken for granted. Once you have reached the maximum allowance on your storage, slowly your computer will perform poorly and won’t be able to save more files or data.

4. Overheating issue

Most office computers are working for a long period of hours, therefore, proper ventilation should be provided. Make sure that computer fans are working properly, free from dust, and have clear airways. Also, having a clean and organized workstation is a big help when it comes to overheating issue. And lastly, turn off your computer from time to time to give it some rest time.

5. Outdated Operating System

Operating System plays a vital role in your computer system. When it is not updated when it’s due, you will not just experience a slow computer but also you won’t be able to maximize your computers’ potential. Make sure to update the operating system once available to enjoy the new features and added security on your computer network.


Computers are now the number one office tool that most businesses have. Most office tasks now are being handled with the use of computer — from simple data encoding, payroll system, and up to financial programs.

What we have mentioned above are the most common reasons why office computers performed poorly. These factors can be avoided if we just practice preventive maintenance to make sure that your computers are always in their best condition.

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