Simple Ways to Protect Your Computers from Malware and other Viruses

Whether your computer is for individual or business use you must how to protect your computers from Malware and other kinds of viruses.

Malware and viruses can spread like wildfire onto your computer system and can cause harm and damages before you know it.

Below are simple ways everyone can afford to do in order to keep your computer safe and protected…

1. Update your software as needed

Software updates are available from time to time as it brings more security and protection to your computer system. Software developers are very much aware of all the viruses that our computer might encounter as time goes by that is why they keep on enhancing the software as needed. Whenever you see a message on your computer that an update is already available, do not hesitate to do so. It can be done in just one simple click.

2. Definitely, install an anti-virus software

I think most computer users know how important it is to have anti-virus software installed. This will help your computer block incoming viruses and can easily detect it. There are many types of anti-virus software you can choose from depending on your computer needs. There are free ones and of course the paid ones that will surely give you lots of benefits.

3. Use a strong password at all times

The password is like the key to your computer hardware. Just like in our home, we use door locks to keep our home safe from trespassers. Passwords can keep your computer, apps and/or files protected not only to viruses or malware but also to hackers. Always keep your password complex but easy to remember. And, if you are using different passwords we highly recommend the use of a Password Manager like LastPass to keep all your passwords safe and protected and the ease of not remembering all of them.

4. Backup your files – make it a habit

“It’s better safe than sorry.” How true that statement would be in a situation of data loss. Backing up your files is an important action for you to take to protect your data. Once malware or virus penetrated to your computer, your data is the first thing that will feel the wrath of the virus. That is why it is essential and a must to back up your data. You can choose either to use separate hardware or cloud-based storage to back up your data.

5. Invest in Firewall

Since the job of a firewall is to block any malicious sites or unauthorized access to sites that might contain viruses, businesses should invest in a stable and reliable Firewall. For an individual user, your PC or Mac has a built-in firewall, all you need to do is to check if that is enabled.

6. Never click malicious links or attachments

This is the easiest gateway for viruses to get into your computer. Keep in mind that if you are not familiar with the link do not click it same goes with attachments. If someone you don’t recognize sent you an email with attachments immediately delete it. 

7. Use a pop-up blocker

Most websites have their own pop-ups and at most times viruses came from these pop-ups. Check your web browsers settings to stop pop-up windows and/or set the pop-up windows activity.

8. Delete software, files and/or apps that are not in use

It is not only to free up your computer storage but deleting unused software, files and/or apps can also save your computer from getting viruses.

9. Limit your downloads

By limiting your downloads you are also giving your computer the protection in getting viruses. Viruses are often found in downloaded files, apps, games, software, and more. Make sure to run a virus scan first before starting your downloads. Also, make sure that you are downloading it from the actual website or trusted sites.


If you are doing the steps above regularly, there is a minimal to zero chance of your computer in getting malware or other types of viruses. Also, it is important to have your computer check by I.T. professionals to maintain not only your computer’s life span but also to get the most up-to-date details on your computer.

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