Computer viruses are spreading like wildfire over the internet world. You can get it anywhere and we can’t be 100% sure if our anti-virus software can detect it. They come in different types and sometimes it is hard to determine if what you have encountered was already a virus that will affect your computer.

So now, we will share with you the signs that your computer was infected by a virus.

1. Your computer is running slow

When the virus hits your computer, one noticeably sign is: your computer is performing slower than the usual. If your computer boot-up takes time or when opening a browser takes more than a couple of minutes, the virus might have been infecting your computer already.

2. Your computer keeps on crashing

When your computer shuts down by itself randomly or frequently, it is a clear sign that the virus was already in your computer system. This will follow by the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error after another crash. And if you are lucky enough to have time to get into your computer, back up your files immediately or run your anti-virus software.

3. Programs start automatically

If your computer hasn’t crashed yet but your programs keep on starting or shutting down automatically it is an obvious warning that virus might have infected your computer. Immediately run a scan on your computer to detect if there is already a virus affecting your computer.

4. Running out of hard drive storage

Once the virus enters your computer, it eats up a lot of space on your hard drive. If you are not downloading or saving files and suddenly you run out of storage space it might be a sign that your computer is infected by a virus. Check your hard drive for the files and apps you have in there and see which program is eating up the storage, which could be the virus.

5. You are missing files

The virus normally targeted files that were on your computer. If you are missing files which you don’t remember deleting, the virus might have infected it.

6. Getting too many pop-up windows/ads

If you are getting lots of pop-up windows when opening a browser which is very unusual from your daily computer use, it is another clear sign of virus infection.


Don’t let virus infect your computer. Download an anti-virus software or install a firewall on your networking system to keep you safe from the virus. Do not open any malicious emails or websites where virus often came from.

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