Networking hardware… things you must have!!!

Networking hardware or network equipment is physical devices needed for communication and interaction between devices and the computer network. These are the devices that support each other in order to create a good network system.

Here’s the list of the networking hardware and their functionality:

  1. Routers – is a hardware device that connects a computer network to the internet. It forwards and analyzes data packets between or within the network.
  2. Switches – is a hardware device that connects devices on a computer network. A network switch adds more ports to your router that allows multiple wired devices to be connected in one place.
  3. Hubs – is a common connection point for devices in a network system. These are no longer popular and replaced by switches.
  4. Repeaters – is a device us to regenerate or replicate the signal within the network system.
  5. Network cables – is a device used to connect one network device to another device such as printers, scanners, computers, etc.
  6. Bridge – is a networking device that provides a connection from one local area network (LAN) to another LAN in the same protocol.
  7. Modem – it is an electronic device that converts analog data to digital data that is transmitted from computer to computer.
  8. Network Interface Card (NIC) – is computer hardware that connects a computer to a computer network.
  9. Network server – it is a computer system that acts as central storage of data and programs shared by users within the network.
  10. Wireless Access Point (WAP) – is a small networking device that allows Wi-Fi capable device to connect easily to a wired network.

Having these devices, you’ll be able to build a network system. These devices are the common ones in building network system for small businesses. Though you may think that building a network system is as easy as 1..2..3.., no, it is NOT! Along with this networking hardware, skill and knowledge to properly install, set up, configure, and test is needed.

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