In our previous article, we have shared with you the difference between a router and a switch. As most of us get confused whether they are alike or not. Today, we will dig deeper on what is a network switch, the advantages and benefits of it.

A NETWORK SWITCH is a hardware device that connects devices on a computer network. A network switch adds more ports to your router that allows multiple wired and wireless devices to be connected in one place. Network switches is commonly used in businesses to allow 10’s or 100’s of devices to connect on a single network

A network switch can last about 3-5 years most especially if there’s no sign of physical damage. It is advisable to replace your network switch to maximize the capabilities and efficiency of the device.

Difference between Unmanaged and Managed Switch:

Unmanaged switch allows all Ethernet devices to communicate with each other and it doesn’t have an IP address. While, a managed switch has all the capabilities of unmanaged switch and it also has the ability to manage, configure and monitor your LAN. One main advantage of a managed switch is that it reduces network downtime.

Advantages of having a Network Switch:

  • If you have a large network and want additional LAN ports having a network switch is the best solution.
  • A Network switch can increase the bandwidth.
  • A Network switch can reduces the volume on each computers connected to the network.
  • A Network switch gives more security on the network system.
  • A Network switch regulates the traffic and more efficient within the system.

There are 3 main causes cause of switch failure. It could be the physical switch, could be the cables connected to the switch or the faulty devices attached to the switch. Some simple troubleshooting can help find the root cause of the failure. First, thoroughly check the switch itself if there’s no physical damage. Also, verify that there are lights on the ports to showthat it is on and active. Then, unplug all cables and devices connected to the switch then put it back on one at a time while checking for the green blinking light.

When you have done this basic troubleshooting and issue remains, do not attempt to repair it as it probably need an expert to look at it and diagnose the exact problem of the switch. Troubleshooting it without proper knowledge and tools may worsen the problem.

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