NETWORK OUTAGES… causes and prevention!

Business as usual… This is the ideal for companies. Any outage, delay, issues, unforeseen circumstances only means loss of income or profit. This is a BIG NO-NO for any business or organization. There are many kinds of outages one of it is server malfunction. One main reason for your server unavailability is network outage.

Network Outage is a period of time when your system becomes unavailable and unable to connect your resources such as routers, modems or switches. During network outage you’re unable to go online due to connection loss.

There are 3 main components of a Network System which could be the reason for a Network outage:

  1. Modem/Router
  2. Firewall
  3. Internet connection sharing (switch, AP, adapter)

Causes of Network Outage are:

  1. Complete or partial hardware and software issue
  2. Sudden power interruption
  3. Incorrect plugging or unplugging of cables
  4. Device configuration errors
  5. Weak signal
  6. Network congestion or system overload

How to avoid network outages:

Below are just some of the preventions that can apply to lessen or reduce network outages.

  • Make sure your software and computer system are always up to date.
  • Always keep an eye on your network by maintaining the accuracy of your network system configuration.
  • Do not complicate your network. Any additional devices, components or cables may affect the original set up of your network.
  • Be careful in changing any parts on your computer system. Allow an I.T. expert to handle such concern.
  • Install or create a security setting in your network such as placing a password or lock to prevent any malicious threats.
  • Partner with an I.T. team that will conduct routine maintenance on your network system.

Most of us know when network outage happened and as a result of this, we are so eager to troubleshoot or try to fix the issue.

Here are some of the basic troubleshooting steps that can be use to fix network outage:

  1. Power-cycle the equipment
  2. Unplug all the cables attach to the device
  3. Check if there’s no sign of physical damages on your devices including cables
  4. Verify physical connections
  5. Run the network troubleshooter
  6. Verify your IP address
  7. Run a ping and check for its route
  8. Confirm with your ISP that there is no actual outage in your location

When you have done these troubleshooting steps and still your network is down do not attempt to go any further as it may just worsen the situation. The last and very important step to do is to CALL AN I.T. professional who can diagnose and give exact solution to the problem.

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