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Changing Phone, Software, or Hardware Systems? We want to be your MOVING COMPANY!

To move furniture, you need a strong back – but to migrate phone, software, or hardware systems IT management experience is required!


So you have decided to take the BIG step forward and upgrade some or all of your IT environment. Congratulations! That puts you in a rare group of business leaders with the vision to step forward in their business. This strategic move will give you a competitive edge over those that want to cling to outdated systems and processes.

But you need a little help getting everything moved over to the new system – am I right?

That’s why the Jackson Computer Consulting team is here. We specialize in migrations!

  • From old, analog phone systems to CISCO phone systems
  • From Windows XP, 7 or 8 to Windows 10
  • From consumer grade email to Microsoft Office 365
  • From on-site data storage to cloud storage

Every day, we help companies just like yours take that step forward that will enable them to meet the global demand of a new cloud economy.

Is your head office, corporate I.T. department looking for local assistance with your local I.T. migration project? We have worked successfully with national corporate I.T. entities, subcontracting to do the local, “hands on” work of their upgrades.

Migrations don’t have to end in migraine headaches! The Jackson Computer Consulting team knows how to move you efficiently from your old solution to the new with minimal downtime and disruption.

Are you leading your company into a new phone, software, or hardware solution? We can help. Call us today at (412) 853--3708 or send an email to [email protected]


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