As the internet is becoming more powerful, in-demand, and a necessity, the risk and number of internet fraud cases are increasing drastically. Internet thieves are getting stronger, clever, and wise. Every year not only hundreds but thousands are victims of fraud or scams.

Here are some tips to avoid being a victim:

1. Keep your credit card safe and secured. Put a PIN code or password for the online transaction. Do not store your PIN code or passwords on your phones. If your credit card company has any protection program, enroll your card.

2. Make research. If you receive any offers via phone or email; i.e. free reservation, vacation, etc., search for the company who called you and made an offer. Check the internet for feedback or reviews about the company. And if they have a website, check the internet if it is legitimate or not.

3. Be aware of what you receive on your email. Email is one of the places where thieves and scammers are getting their victims. Make sure not to open an email message from the sender you do not know or familiar with. Never open an attachment coming from an unrecognized sender. Delete it immediately.

4. Be wise when making a payment. If someone tells you that for you to take their offer, you have to make an upfront payment – that is a SCAM! If their offer is too good to be true or for free, they will never ask you to make an upfront payment since it should be absolutely for free.

5. Be careful in doing online shopping. Online shopping is the most convenient way now to buy stuff and aside from that, they offer low prices compared to malls or actual store. But, online shopping can be scary too, as thieves and scammers are too wise that they also operate through this channel. Only buy products from legitimate and trusted website.

6. Secure your mobile phones, computers, and other smart devices. Always put a password on your devices in case it gets lost or stolen from you, the information you have saved from it won’t get stolen too. Aside from password, download security software or app on your devices.


Whenever you’re in doubt about something you see, receive, or buy over the internet or from someone always do your research. Researching is the best habit that one must practice to not become a victim. Thieves are trying to be one step ahead from their victim, and then you should do the same thing. Be one step ahead of them. Do not let thieves and scammers steal your personal information. If you are in doubt, always ask for advice from I.T. experts.

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