HOW TO… Recommended steps after a Ransomware attack

As we all know, hackers and other cybercriminals are becoming wiser and have lots of tricks that make unprotected people fall victim. In our previous article, we have shared with you the description of ransomware.

With that, Ransomware is a type of cyber threat wherein the hacker will ask for money in exchange for the information they got from you.

Today, we give you some recommendations that you need when in a situation of a ransomware attack.

1. Keep your cool

          Understandably, most of the time when we get into a difficult situation, our tendency is to panic. The first thing we must learn is to relax and keep our cool. The more we panic, the less we are able to think clearly. When you suspect a ransomware attack, take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and start checking your network. Do not jump to conclusions. Also, keep in mind that paying the ransom amount doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to retrieve your lost data.

2. Turn off and disconnect your equipment

          When you suspect a ransomware attack, immediately disconnect your equipment and turn it off. Ransomware is like a contagious disease that can spread out in an instant. Disconnecting your equipment such as your router, computer, and WiFi might decrease the chance of spreading the damage.

3. Gather and check the damage

          This is the hardest part you must undergo. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, it would be in your interest to seek assistance from an IT experts to figure out what information was taken in the attack. Once this is determined an IT expert can recommend the next step you should take to protect what you have lost.

4. Retrieve your data

          Once you or your IT expert have assessed the damage from the attack you may slowly retrieve the stolen data back to your network. This would consist in the retrieval of your files, passwords, websites and /or infected computers. By having a disaster recovery plan prior to the attack you would make this step much simpler with a backup.

5. Remove the virus

          It is very imperative that the virus is removed before reactivating your network. You must trace down each piece of your equipment that has been infected so you can isolate it and provide proper repair.

6. Review and strengthen your security measures

          After getting attacked by ransomware, know exactly where it came from. Review your security measures and strengthen it up by adding software or a device that will expand and will provide extensive security within your network.


          Losing data due to a ransomware attack is one of the most difficult things that may happen to your business. But with the proper knowledge and a backup system your business to rise again in no time. Always keep in mind that having tight network security will give a low percentage for cybercriminals to penetrate onto your network system. Giving attention to your security measures can save your business from cyber-attacks.

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