Many of us know what Email or Electronic Mail is…This changes the way of communication with our family, friends, and/or to anyone. Today, aside from voice call, email is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get connected to another person. Email is now commonly used because it’s very convenient, user-friendly, accessible, and generally free.

There are many email service providers that offers free service or subscription. Below are the most common email service providers:


Yahoo! Mail



As we use email more often, we expose ourselves to more threats. They can have a damaging impact either personally or to your computer hardware or software. Know more about the threats that you may encounter and the possible prevention that you may take…

Here is the list of Email Scammers that you have probably encountered by now. We have listed the most common email scams below:

  1. Hitman – this is an email sent to a person that came from so-called hitman and will tell you that someone hired them to kill you but will not do it if you give them money.
  2. Investment Schemes – emails that are about investment. Luring you to invest with no risk and promise of high returns.
  3. Phishing – this is the most common email today. Once you click on the link, it will take you to a fake website and will ask you to enter your personal details.
  4. Job Scams – a common target of this scam are those looking for jobs. The victim will receive an email stating that his/her resume was found in an internet job site. Will ask you to click the link to apply and takes you to fill up an application from that includes your social security number, etc.
  5. Online Dating Scam – common victim of this kind of scam are those who are using some dating sites or app. The scammer will get the victim’s photo and some personal information and will email the victim and tell them that their photo and information was posted in a dating site and was name as “cheater”. In order to have this removed, the scammer will ask for money in return.

With all these scammers roaming around and just waiting for the right time to attack their victims, we should also be one step ahead of them. Don’t be the next victim… Know how to protect your email using the tips below:

  • Create a strong password
  • Add a security setting on your computer and email
  • Do not share your password just to anyone
  • When using a computer outside (café, internet shop) do not forget to log off your account.
  • Protect your computer by downloading antivirus software that has security protection.
  • If you find malicious email sent to you, do not click any link that is on the email.

Hope this article help you understand more about the threats that may arise with the use of email. An email is a good form of communication, use it wisely.

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