How to maintain your network security

If you’re in the business, you must have known that network security is not only necessary but vital to keep your business securely protected and secured from any form of cyber threat.

Businesses must consider performing preventative maintenance to maintain tight network security. There are simple ways to maintain your network security and you and your staff can definitely do it.

Here’s some of the basic maintenance to keep your network security:

1. Keep your Operating System Up To Date

Your operating system is the lifeline of your network. Therefore keeping your operating system up to date will increase the network security. Patches should be updated too to make sure that there are no loopholes that will allow cyber threats to come in.

2. Keep your Antivirus and Malware software updated

Your antivirus and malware is your network’s best “bodyguard”. As long as they are updated, they’ll keep your network secured and protected from viruses and cyber attacks. Your antivirus/malware software can detect malicious activities in no time and they can block it as soon as detected.

3. Conduct a Network Audit

There are different devices connected to your network system – routers, switches, computers, wireless access points, mobile devices, etc. Conducting a regular network audit will allow you to manage all devices that are connected to your network thus making sure that no unauthorized devices are connected.

4. Upgrade or update your Firewall

The firewall is your network’s best defense in blocking unauthorized access to malicious sites or unauthorized sites. Keeping this device updated will definitely mean protection on your network. Always keep your firewall security setting current. Make sure to use a strong, encrypted password to protect your network data.


Network security is clearly one of the vital parts of your network system. Disregarding your network security is a business loss. There is too much data and business information stored on your network and these are the things that need protection against cyber threats and attacks. Keep your network security in its best shape.

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