How to keep your data private and secure

Keeping your data private and secure should a top priority. Identity theft is just one of the many risks you will get if you will not pay attention to securing your personal or sensitive data. Your personal information such as name, SSN, financial/bank details is the data that most hackers or cybercriminals are after.

Below are some tips we can share with you to keep your data private and secure…

1. Always use a strong and complex password

Every time that there’s a need to set up a password for the sites or apps you’ll be using, make sure to create a strong and complex password. This is the most important thing you have to remember – do not use your name, birthday or anything that can be easily guessed. Use a letter, number, and special character combination in setting up your password. You can also use a password manager like “LastPass” to keep all your passwords in one place and to prevent you from forgetting your password.

2. Stay alert from online scams

Always keep an eye on those marketing ads or links that you may see online. Make sure that you are making transactions in secure, legitimate, and reputable sites. Do not disclose your personal information to someone you just met online or to someone you do not trust.

3. Encrypt your data

Encrypting your data is the most secure way when you’re online. Always keep your browser secure. Check for the “lock” icon that is placed at the status bar – it is placed right before the URL. If the “lock” icon is missing, it only means that your information is not secure and it is not advisable to do any transaction online that needs your personal information.

4. Do not post your private information on Social Media sites

Refrain from posting your private information on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Do not post your identification card, driver’s license, atm cards, and so on.

5. Keep your mobile device secure

As we all know, most of the things you can do using your computer can also be done on mobile devices especially smartphones. Therefore make sure that your mobile device is also secure. Do not keep your passwords on your device.

6. Do not deal on Phishing and Spam emails

Avoid getting through these kinds of emails. The sender of these emails is targeting you to get your personal information. Do not open suspicious and unfamiliar emails and most importantly, do not click any email links or attachments from an unfamiliar sender.

7. Be wise in using WiFi

Do not make any financial transactions or deals when you are using public WiFi. Public WiFi is the most vulnerable to cyber threats. Lessen your internet usage when using public WiFi.


You can say that your personal information is the most sensitive data that you have to protect whenever you are using the internet. Cybercriminals like hackers and scammers are always there, just waiting for the perfect time and right target. Stay alert and “Think before you click.”

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