How to educate your employees about Cyber Security

Your employee has a big impact on your company. Your employee is like the front-liner of your business. They are ones helping you grow the business. Having an educated, flexible, reliable, and trustworthy employee will keep your business on a roll.

While technology changes from time to time, your business must keep up the momentum. Your business should be as ready as your employees for the changes and upgrades. With the growing number of cyber threats, cybersecurity should be your business and your employee’s number one priority.

So what are the things you should tell your employees about Cyber Security? Here are some guidelines…

1. Conduct a regular I.T. meeting. This would depend on the size of your staff, the volume of internet work your business does and the availability to accommodate everyone for an IT meeting. Share your expectations with your staff as to the security of your network and what you expect them to do to help protect it. Be it weekly, monthly, or quarterly keeping your team up to date with your expectations should lessen the risk of a cyber attack.

2. Inform your employees on I.T. Policies and Procedures. Once your employees are aware of the Policies and Procedures in using your technology they will be more I.T. reliable.

3. Have your I.T. professionals conduct hardware training or briefing. Knowing the simple use of each piece of equipment is a big factor for the employees to protect your network from different cyber threats.

4. Introduce the common cyber threats your employees should watch out for. If your employees know the different types of cyber threats and/or viruses they will surely won’t cross the line.

5. Let them know the effect of a cyber attack in businesses. Do not scare them, but instead educate your employees on what could be the possible effect of a cyber attack especially data loss.


Cyber Security plays a vital role in your network system and your business. A business can’t afford data loss as it could mean not only hundreds but thousands of dollars cost for the retrieval of data. As long as your employees are educated and trained about cybersecurity, protection and security will always be on the table.

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