How to choose the right phone system for your business?

If you are running a business, you must understand that having an effective and reliable form of communication is the key to success. Communication is not only limited to your customers but also within your company – your staff.

But the question is… How to choose the right phone system for your business? This is somehow a tricky question. Every business has its own work system and needs, therefore choosing the right form of communication is quite critical.

Worry less… In this article, we’ll give the questions you should ask yourself to determine what phone system suits your business needs.

1. Does your business has different or multiple sites?

When you have your business in different locations it is a definite answer that you need a form of communication to keep everyone in the loop and in touch. Having a phone system that makes video conferencing easy is a must.

2. Does your business have field workers?

Working in the field can sometimes be difficult if there’s no stable form of communication. Keeping in touch with your field workers allows you to manage their productivity. Real-time reporting is very important.

3. Does your company allow telecommuting staff?

Nowadays, telecommuting is popular. First, some employees can conveniently and comfortably work from home without sacrificing the quality of work they can render for the company.  Second, this option is also favorable to a business that has small office space. Third, this option also allows employees who have difficulties in commuting from home to office. This option gives your company/employee the ability to become more flexible.

4. Is your business inclined into the technical field?

If your business is into the technical or I.T. field, it definitely needs a form of communication that will allow you and your staff to communicate through the internet or web-based apps or software.


For these questions that we have listed above, you should be able to know what type of communication or phone system service your business needs. Regardless if you’re looking for a legacy / traditional or the high-end VoIP phone system, what matters most is what your business will be getting from it. Choosing the one that would be most beneficial to your business is key.

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