What is a Managed I.T. Service Provider?

A Managed I.T. Service Provider is a company that is fully trained to take care of your technical needs. They utilize varied skill sets to assist with everything from setting up your computer system to installation of software and from installing the most effective antivirus for your specific system to routine maintenance. Having a set Managed I.T. Services Provider will give you not only the luxury of time to focus on your business but the reward of knowing that your concerns are being handled by professionals.

What should you expect from your Managed I.T. Service Provider?

  1. To have continuous system analysis and prompt repairs of your desktops, laptops and servers.
  • To secure personal and/or company confidential information such as IP addresses, passwords and so on.
  • To make sure that your software, operating system, and anti-virus is always up to date.
  • To able to assist you with I.T. issues 24/7.
  • To provide superior management training.

What JCC can offer?

  1. JCC provides multiple packages that can be tailored to your size, budget, and specific business.
  • JCC sends the best, most knowledgeable and efficient I.T. Professionals directly to you.
  • JCC offers affordable and quality service.
  • JCC adheres to company non-disclosure agreements and compliance requirements.
  • JCC is always on the leading-edge of the I.T. world because they are committed to continuous learning.

Why choose JCC to be your Managed I.T. Service Provider?

With JCC you get the convenience of dealing with a business that takes care of all your I.T. and support needs. JCC is the all-in-one I.T. provider who can tackle any problem you may have. By choosing them as your specific provider you ensure that when something goes wrong, you have a reliable knowledgeable team on call and ready to help.

JCC also offer a variety of solutions for cloud-based data backups for storage from 100GB up to 1000GB and can configure support for image backups and virtualization as well.

How do you make JCC your Managed I.T. Service Provider?

For quotes, questions, or I.T. assistance, call us and talk to our professionals at (412) 853-3708 or send us an email at [email protected].