The Internet is like a new world created by people. A world where computers, technology, and innovation are the main characters. But the question is? Is it US who is changing or the Internet is changing us? This question can draw multiple arguments. Some would say, the internet is changing us and some would say it is the humans who are changing themselves. Let us try to put it this way, when the Internet changed, does it ask you to follow and change too? No, it doesn’t. It is us who follow and acquire the new things that we see on the Internet.

The Internet changed our lives in so many ways:

Communication wise. Before we use the regular snail mail to get in touch with our relatives or loved ones. In the business world, they used to use the snail mail if they need to send a report or documents to another location. But now, it became easier with the use of the Internet. There’s a lot of web-based calling software that can be used to communicate to anyone (as long as the internet is available). There’s Skype, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, Google Meet and so on.

Instant dictionary/encyclopedia. In school, every time we have to search for something, we always run to our books such as a dictionary or encyclopedia. We turned a number of pages for us to find what we are looking for. But now, because of the Internet, we are now befriended with Google, the number 1 searching site. In just one click, you can have the result or answer you are looking for. An hour of searching in books compared to 5-15 minutes getting the result from Google.

Virtual mall. Need clothes? We go to the mall. Need some food? We go to the supermarket. These are just an example of the things we normally do and physically doing without the Internet. But since the time changed, people get busier or lazier, with the use of the Internet; you can simply go and browse an online store to buy whatever you need. From clothes, bags, accessories, gadgets, food and other stuff, name it… the online shops have it. No more long lines at the cashier area because in just 1 click, your order has been submitted and will be delivered right in your doorsteps.

Socialization. For us to gain more friends is when we go out like attending parties, going to parks and other crowded areas. But now, we can have virtual friends through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. We can meet people in joining online clubs or groups.

These are just some of the things that we are doing with the use of the Internet. The Internet is changing consistently and humans are acquiring whatever changes it would be. We allow the Internet to change our lives, whether it is good or bad. The Internet is good as long as we use it wisely. There are so many things that the Internet can give us but don’t let it take hold of your personality and life. The Internet is so powerful, use it wisely. Always remember the saying “Think before you click.”

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