How dangerous is MALWARE?

Malware is a computer term that we often hear when we are referring to the computer. Malware is everywhere. Why? Because malware is a software that causes harm to your computer. Malware is a general term for computer viruses, Trojan, Adware, Spyware, and Worms.

Malware’s effect can be a simple corrupted file, data-stealing or in the worst case completely damaging your entire computer system. We should not take malware for granted because it can disguise as a simple malvertisement or pop-up.

The question now is, what are the possible effects of malware infection? Here it goes…

  • Hardware failure
  • Data loss
  • Stolen data
  • Corrupted file
  • Operating system malfunction
  • Slow computer
  • System shutdown
  • Increase in communication/network traffic
  • Computer freezing/crashing
  • Interruption in business operations

Here are some of the precautionary measures to avoid malware attack:

  • Update your software whenever it is available
  • Use complex and strong passwords
  • Regularly scan your computer using your antivirus software
  • Keep your operating system up-to-date
  • Only download your apps or software from reputable and legitimate websites
  • Do not open suspicious emails
  • Avoid clicking unfamiliar links
  • Enable your pop-up blocker
  • Install a firewall
  • Back up your data using external hardware
  • Think before you click


Always keep in mind that being a responsible computer user will save you from getting attacked. Never underestimate the effect of a virus whether it is a simple and basic virus. A virus is a virus and can always do harm to your computer. Whenever in doubt, ask for an IT Professional’s advice.

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