In business, everything is changing… the system, equipment, technology, and so on. For the business to stay on top and competitive, communication is one main thing that owners should focus on.

We believe that the traditional phone system provides us the communication between the business – client and/or employer – staff. But as technology changed, the form of communication is also changing. Businesses can’t stick to the traditional phone system as the features are quite limited. And with that, Hosted VoIP Phone Service is here to make business life a lot easier and more effective.

In this article, we’ll give you the benefits of deploying a Hosted VoIP phone service to your business.

1. On-Demand Conferencing

This feature allows you to manage your conference calls through the actual phone or your personal computer. You can also arrange conferences even without advance notice or reservations. During the conference, you can see the lists of participants, remove callers, mute lines, see who is talking, and even record the entire conference.

2. Notification Service

This service can truly help the business especially in getting the notification in real-time. With this service, you can actually use your computer to record and track voice messages. You can also schedule an outgoing call message to the numbers you have on your list – using your pre-recorded message. The best example is, you can schedule a call to your client to remind them about your meeting.

3. Terminating Call Manager

This feature allows you to use your computer to block unwanted callers and you can even control or manage call times, like when another type of calls can be permitted. The call blocking option includes the time of the day and/or day of the week. And these tasks can be a lot easier when using your computer.

4. Unified Messaging

With this feature, it will allow you to conveniently listen to your voicemail messages right on to your computer without picking up your phone. You can also choose to have your voicemail messages sent to the email of your choice and you can save your voicemail message to your computer for future reference.

5. Single Number Service

Single Number Service guarantees that you won’t be missing any important calls. You can control where the calls will be directed in case you are not in the office. You can transfer calls from your office phone to your personal mobile number (or vice-versa) with the use of a star code.

6. Integrated Web Portal

With the Integrated Web Portal service, you can simply “click-to-call” your customers or suppliers from your email personal address book using your computer. This service will make it easy for you to access and control features such as Unified Messaging and On-Demand Conferencing. With Integrated Web Portal you do not need to run any special software to manage or customize the calling features.


With the Hosted VoIP Phone Service offers you many benefits compared to traditional phones. Flexibility, reliability, and competitiveness are the qualities await you from using VoIP phone service.

Jackson Technologies can help you in choosing which VoIP phone suits your business. We will make sure that your communication line will be more functional, much clearer and better all around.

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