Factors that affect your internet speed

Okay, so you’re opening a webpage and it is taking too long and it seems like forever? It is frustrating and irritating, right? Yes, I am sure everyone will agree that we wanted a fast internet speed all the time. As an employee, I am sure you have once blamed the internet speed when you’re not able to finish your work on time, agree?

Well, there are many factors and reasons that affect your internet speed and today, we will list down the most common ones.


This is the number 1 culprit for slow internet speed. When the virus attacks your network, it could be lingering or running in the background without you even noticing it. It can damage your apps, files or software which can lead to the inability to connect to the net.

WHAT TO DO: Install anti-virus software to your computer and better yet, invest in a program like the Cyber Security Program that will safeguard your network from viruses and hackers.


At more times, internet speed slows down when you have too many apps or software all at the same time or even running in the background that you are not noticing.

WHAT TO DO: Organize your apps and software. Use the add-ons and toolbars. Make sure that you only open websites you are going to use and close those that are not. Check the setting of your computer for auto-sync or auto-update.


When there are too many users using the internet at the same time and in the same network, the possibility of the slow internet may occur. These cases are most likely happening when you are in a too crowded area like in malls, schools, public areas, etc.

WHAT TO DO: If you’re in a public area, avoid using public WiFi. Since there is only one network that is working in that area, most people are connected to it becomes crowded, therefore the speed of the internet will be very slow.


Hardware or network equipment is one big factor whether you will get fast or slow internet speed. If your network equipment is too old, it can no longer perform to the best that it can be compared to the newer ones. Make sure that the equipment you are using is compatible with each other when it comes to settings, usage, and configuration.

WHAT TO DO: Invest in network equipment that fits your needs. Choose the hardware that is compatible with each other. Practice a scheduled preventive maintenance to keep your network hardware updated and the best condition.


Internet speed is very important for us to become efficient in whatever we are doing online. Take precautionary action to prevent the factors we have mentioned above. Update and upgrade your network equipment when it is due.

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