I can still remember my school days that every time we meet up in the library to do our research papers. The best book that we always relied on was the Encyclopedia. We found information that our regular textbooks did not have.

But as technology improved, computer accessibility became easier. We found ourselves surfing the internet when we had a research project rather than consulting a book in the library. Can we say that we are nearing the death of books? Is a computer/internet better than books? Are we now internet dependent?

According to one study, browsing the internet is better than reading a book because it can boost the brain power of middle-aged and older adults. As per scientists, searching over the internet exercised the mind better than reading a book.

There’s tons of discussion about what is better, internet or books? Today, we’ll share with you some of the advantages and benefits of using internet versus the books.

Reading experience

Most people say that in terms of the reading experience, books are far better than computer. The fun of turning the pages on a book and the thrill of reaching the last page is a great experience than swiping the pages on your computer.

Searching experience

I think 95% of people would say, a computer is a lot easier and conventional when it comes to searching for something. More conventional in a way that a quick keyword search will give you tons of information rather than searching hundreds of books to find the answers. In just a simple click on the internet can provide you quick answers.

Reliability, legitimacy, and credibility

The content of books is reviewed and crossed referenced before it gets published. You will find the name of the author and the publisher which gives you an assurance of legitimacy. Unlike, a computer where there is fake news or websites that spreads incorrect information or details.  Authors can hide their identity and no one can find their identity unless an investigation is conducted (which will take time!) which makes books more credible than a computer.


I think most of us would agree that books are more secure rather than a computer. But with rising technology, some people today have bad intentions and are lingering in the computer world. You must be careful with viruses and hackers who just not only harm your computer but also cause costly damages to you personally.

Wide area of research capability

But searching for different things on the internet is more efficient than searching in a book. On the internet, looking for something like the nearest restaurant or gasoline station is by far faster than checking it in a book like yellow pages.


Books can be functional if you are just to bring 1 or 2 books, however, when your research project requires consulting more books, we can say the computer is quite more functional and practical.


As this point in time, in this new generation and technology, we can never really tell which is better – books or computer. There are tons of reasons why a computer is now a better source of information. As for me, as long we know how to maximize the use of books and computer, I am good to go.

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