Productivity is one of the keys to why businesses are growing. Business owners are investing a lot to make their company grow and be more profitable. They are investing in manpower, location, marketing, equipment, and most especially in technology. But how does technology helps businesses to increase their productivity? As technology develops, it is giving us more power to excel in everything we do. It makes our job a lot easier and convenient.

Today, we will share with you some effective tips on how to use technology to increase productivity.

1. Choose the right technology

By choosing the right technology that suits your company or business needs, you will not only increase your productivity but it will also save you money. For example, if your business does a lot of encoding or bookkeeping, your company should invest in high-end computers, large storage system, and faster internet connection.

2. Use or take advantage of free applications or tools

One good thing now is that there are lots of free apps and tools that can be used to be more efficient. There are a bunch of apps that you can download for free or gives you a free trial. The best example is Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc. – these are apps that provide the company a better and clearer communication not only between employer and employees but also to their clients. Meetings can be set up easily using these video conferencing apps where people don’t need to be in the same room/location to conduct a meeting.

3. Use a calendar app to manage time

Time management is one important aspect of being efficient and productive. If you have a well-planned or organize the time you can do a lot of things in an orderly manner.

4. Update your Operating System and other software

Having a reliable computer with apps and other software is very important for you to be productive. Upgrading your OS, apps, and software, it gives you the ability to use the services with all the enhanced features.

5. In business – only allow business-related websites, apps, and software

Allowing only business-related websites, apps, and software to be used will not only make your staff productive but also it will keep your network away from outside threats like hackers and scammers.


In business, being productive is one of the attitudes that should be practice at all times. Being productive is not only for the employees but also for the equipment that they are using. If they are using an old, slow, and faulty equipment tasks will be delayed. Businesses much invest with the equipment that is suitable for the entire organization. A hardworking employee + well-maintained equipment = Growth, productivity, and efficiency.

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