Do small businesses really need an I.T. team?

Technology and innovation have a big impact on businesses whether they are small or big. Regardless, if you own a small business with less staff, always remembers, technology still has something to do with it.

With the high level of competition and the need to stay on top and focused, your I.T. support can become invaluable to your business.

We understand that having an I.T. department for a small business is sometimes difficult and almost impossible. But you need to know the importance of it.

In most cases, big companies have their own I.T. department. But, for small businesses, outsourcing or partnering with an I.T. team is a lot more feasible, convenient, and affordable.

So, why do small businesses need an I.T. team? Here are some of the main reasons:

1. The I.T. team can oversee and manage the network system remotely. They do not need to work in the actual office unless there are some repairs to do.

2. Your company data and confidential information can be stored in a secured cloud which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

3. For extenuating circumstances like fire, flood, etc. you will have a go-to I.T. team that will manage your network system so you can be back to business in no time.

4. Your network system will be monitored 24/7. Reducing downtime issues.

5. Having an I.T. team to regularly check and maintain your equipment will save you hundreds of dollars.  


Small businesses need to understand that they can play a vital role in the market by providing their customers the best and quality service. A Managed I.T. provider can assist in making customers a priority that can provide a top of the line I.T. services. Even small businesses are being targeted by scammers and hackers, so hiring an I.T. team will protect and secure your business assets. It is an investment to make but every dollar is worth spending for if you have an I.T. team that can give you a systematic and organize networking system.

Partnering with Jackson Technologies will give you nothing but quality service. Our Managed I.T. services can be modified and flexible based on what your business needs are. Our I.T. professionals are well-trained, skilled, and efficient which will give you the peace of mind that you’re business is in good hands.

To inquire on our Managed I.T. packages, feel free to contact us through phone at (412) 853-3708 or send us an email to [email protected].