Different types of Hackers we should watch out for.

In our previous article about Email, we have shared with you the most common Email scammers that you should be aware of and how you can get passed through them. Today, in this article, we will give you the list of different hackers and if they are good or bad hackers.

  1. White Hat Hackers – they are the good guys. They are cybersecurity experts who figure and identify loopholes in Government and organizations security system.
  2. Black Hat Hackers – they are the hackers you should worry about. They are the ones who get into your PC find loopholes, access your personal information and worst your financial information that they can use to get money.
  3. Script Kiddies Hackers – they are the so-called amateur hackers. They commonly attack DoS and/or DDoS.
  4. Blue Hat Hackers – they are like the script kiddies hackers but their purpose to take revenge to their personal enemy or to those who made them angry.
  5. Gray Hat Hackers – they are mixed of white and black hat hackers. They can go good or bad depending on their purpose or motive.
  6. Red Hat Hackers – they are likely the same as the white hat hackers but the only difference is that they are very aggressive when it comes to punishing the black hat hackers.
  7. Green Hat Hackers – they are also likely the same as the script kiddies hackers. They are the newbies in the online world and had a great desire to become black hat hackers.
  8. Hacktivist – they are the online version of activist. They’re focus is more on the political or religious side.
  9. Malicious Insider or Whistleblower – they are employee with an agenda to the company they are working with or a dummy employee who came from a rival company to get confidential information.
  10. State Sponsored Hackers – they are deployed by a state or nation to go through and watch their security system. They are like the online bodyguards.

Do not wait for your business to get into trouble. Treat network security seriously and not allow these bad hackers to get in your business to do serious damage.

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