DESKTOP vs LAPTOP… which do you think is better?

Computers are very in-demand whether for office use or home use. We wanted to get nothing but the best service for our choice of computer. We use computers for work, encoding, programming, designing, gaming, etc. Therefore, the computer that we choose must fit our needs.

There’s a lot of discussion on which is better, desktop computers or laptop computers. Everyone has their own thoughts with regard to this matter. But, which is really the best? Let us have a thorough look on their differences, benefits, and advantages.W


Desktop – most components such as the motherboard, monitor, processor, hard drive, etc. are removable. Therefore, you can upgrade or replace the parts easily and conveniently.

Laptop – the components are built-in and designed based on the capability of the specific laptop that you purchased. The newer laptop has more capabilities compared to the older ones.


Desktop – it uses more electricity due to the fact that components are relatively bigger.

Laptop – since components of laptop computers are small or tiny is uses less power. Therefore, you can save more power than desktop computers.


Desktop – Desktop computers are consists of a monitor, “tower”, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. Really only portable if you have it on a cart.

Laptop – all parts are built-in which makes it portable and convenient and more functional.


Desktop – since it has a larger case it gives enough space for multiple hard drives which can really increase your storage.

Laptop – since it has built-in components and a slim hard drive it will generally have smaller capacity.


          A desktop is generally a little faster than a laptop and allows for a full sized graphics card which modern games require. Also in desktop, if the gaming card becomes defective, you can easily install or replace it. On a laptop you would generally need to replace the whole motherboard.

Given the above comparison, we must always remember no matter how tough, durable or expensive our computers are but if you do not take care of them properly its life span would be lesser than it should be. Know how to take care of your computer and maximize the full functionality of it.

Tips on how to take good care of your computer

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