Most computer users fear that their computer will be infected and damaged by a virus as they store all their files, data, etc on their computer. Most of computer viruses are designed to harm your computer by damaging your software, hard drives, deleting programs, files, etc. It can also slow down your computer’s performance.

2019 is a big year for all computer users. There’s a lot in-store for us, in terms of software updates, new online games and programs that we will tempt to download or install. 

We have searched the internet and found the most destructive computer viruses and where they came from:

  1. I LOVE YOU virus – this virus can be found in emails. You will get an email with a love letter attachment and once you open it, the virus enters.
  2. MyDoom virus – this virus was created in 2004. This virus can be very destructive as it will open the back door of your computer and uses Microsoft Windows platform to affect your computer.
  3. ZEUS – this virus started in 2009 and it is using Trojan horse to infect windows computer. This virus also uses phishing scams to infect and damage computers.
  4. MELISSA – this virus also be found in emails. User will receive an email with .doc file attachment and once the file has been opened the virus will spread like fire.
  5. CODE RED – this virus came from infected website and whoever visits the website will automatically receive the virus. This virus will directly damage your server.
  6. POISONIVY – this virus was created and founded in 2005 and will hit the security setting of your computer.
  7. CONFICKER virus – this virus was founded in 2008.  This virus will directly hit the computers in the network. It uses operating system errors to infect the computer.
  8. AGENT.BTZ – this virus is also called Autorun and will damage and infects your USB flash drive.
  9. STUXNET – this virus was found in 2009 and targets the software control of any industrial systems.

Though, there are too many viruses that can damage your computer. There are also some preventive measures that we can do to protect our computer from being a target.

  1. Install an Antivirus software to your computer, we offer Webroot for our customers.
  2. Check the security settings of your computer and the browsers you are using.
  3. Install an Anti-Spyware software such as Malwarebytes.
  4. Use a secure password and do not share it to anyone. Tools like Lastpass can organize and protect your passwords for all the sites you use.
  5. Meticulously check the program or files that you want to download to your computer.
  6. Do not open any malicious emails. If you do not know where that email came from, do not click any link or even open the email itself.

It is very important that we keep our computers safe from viruses. Always take a precautionary measure when downloading any program. Think before you click as they always say. If you’re in doubt, call an I.T. expert to help you out. If you think your computer got infected by a virus, you better not take it lightly. Call an I.T. professional to apply the proper solution for virus related cases. Jackson Technologies can give you a free consultation and quotation for any I.T. related services. Feel free to talk to our I.T. professionals and get only the best and quality service that you can rely on.  We can be reached at (412) 853-3708 / [email protected].