Computer Issues: Hardware or Software

When you’re a regular computer user, you might encounter two or more of the most common computer problems. The thing to remember is to know whether it is software or a hardware issue for you to apply the proper solution. There are instances that problem can be easily resolved but in some cases, the need for an I.T. expert will be called.

Today, we’ll share to you what are the most common computer problems and what could be the possible cause of it.

1. The computer is running slow – this problem can be either on your software or hardware. SOFTWARE – it could be a malware or your computer is infected by a virus. HARDWARE – it could be due to full hard drive or old computer components.

2. Computer freezes – this is a software issue. There might be an app or a downloaded file that is causing your computer to freeze.

3. Blue screen of death – this is a hardware issue. You need to check your device drivers or faulty computer components such as your memory card, power supply, and/or overheating computer components.

4. Internet is too slow – this could be both a hardware and software issue. There are a lot of things to check if you’re experiencing intermittent internet connection or a slow connection. There might be software that is running on your background that is consuming the bandwidth. Your devices are not updated or upgraded.

5. Strange noises – this is definitely on your hardware that that is starting to malfunction.

6. Computer won’t start/shuts down by itself – this is a concern for your hardware. Check the computer power supply and make sure that there is no sign of overheating.

7. Windows won’t open – this is a software issue. Make sure your operating system is updated.

8. Apps not working / won’t open – a software issue. The number one reason could be a virus. Make sure that the app is not infected by a virus. Uninstall and reinstall the app is the first solution to try.

9. Graphics error – this is a hardware issue. Mainly check your graphics card. It may be outdated or broken.

10. Overheating – this is definitely a hardware concern that you should watch out for. Check for the dust build up, air flow, and power supply.

When you encounter a computer problem, you should not perform or diagnose the issue when you are not sure. Because if you do, the problem can get worse. It is always best to ask for feedback or consult an I.T. expert to help you on this matter.

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