Common VoIP System issues…

Most businesses are now replacing their old and traditional phone system with new and advanced VoIP phone systems. Why? It is because of the many benefits that the VoIP system is offering to its customers.

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Know the advantages and benefits of the VoIP system

But just like any other equipment, the VoIP phone system can also encounter issues and problems. The good side of it is, the VoIP phone system is designed as easy to manage and repair.

Here are the most common issues of the VoIP phone system:

1. Incorrect network configuration

        VoIP system is internet-dependent hardware. During the installation, it should be properly connected and configured on your internal network; otherwise, it would be useless.

2. Incompatible router

          Most businesses are using routers on their networking system. VoIP phone has to be connected to a router. If the network router is not compatible with the VoIP phone, a big possibility that the VoIP phone will not work at its best quality.

3. Poor voice quality

        This issue can because of many things. One main cause of it is a poor internet connection. Since the VoIP system uses the internet to run. If your business doesn’t have good and reliable internet, your VoIP phones will suffer. Static, delays and choppy sounds are just some of the problems you will encounter.

4. Forgotten passwords

        VoIP phones have a feature where you use passwords and encryptions. If you wish to have privacy on your phone calls and to avoid eavesdropping, you can set up a password. Most cases of forgotten passwords happened during long holidays or vacations. People get overwhelmed by their “away time” from the office and tend to forget their passwords. The only way to avoid this is to use a strong but easily remembered password or you can use an app to save your passwords.

Despite the issues mentioned above, businesses still chose to upgrade their phone system to the VoIP phone system because the issues are not comparable to the many benefits they will get from using VoIP phones. Investing in quality VoIP phones is truly worth it. Keep your business ahead of everyone else, forget about your traditional phone system, and make a switch to a much reliable, comprehensive, and more functional VoIP phone system.

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