In today’s modern technology, the computer has become a necessity, especially to students and working individuals. I can still remember when I was a kid, when only businesspeople used a computer and that was an IBM desktop computer. But due to constant innovation and changes in technology, computers are now the talk of the town.

For the not tech savvy, choosing the right computer can be a hard task. You must know the different technical terms to understand the correct specifications you need. Simply checking the internet is a good resource to getting the latest trends in the computer world. You can even join an online community where you can ask questions from the tech experts.

In this article, we will share to you the most common mistakes people are committing when they want to purchase a new computer.

1. Not knowing their actual needs.

This is the first on the list. You, the user of the computer will need to determine exactly what your purpose and requirements are. Are you needs work related? Are you a school student who needs to do informational research, complete projects, make presentations, etc.? Or are you a person who just loves playing online games?

2. Not doing their homework (research).

Once you know the reasons why you want to purchase a computer, you now need to do your research. Make a list of specifications that are important to you. Check the internet or visit your local store to see which computer matches your requirements.

3. Buying a computer because of it’s Hype.

Innovators and computer companies work simultaneously and consistently to improve their computers. You must remember that new computers are constantly being introduced and launched every year or two. Therefore, you should not try to be affected by what is in-demand or simply go with the flow. Just focus on your needs and look for the computer that best suits your requirements.

4. Explore the difference between a Desktop and Laptop computer.

After making your list of specifications and features for your new computer, the next step is to consider whether need a laptop or a desktop computer. Compare their differences and research their advantages and disadvantages then match them to your needs.

5. Know your budget before buying.

This is an important tip. Ask yourself how much of a budget do I have to purchase a computer. Consult your list of specifications. Have you decided whether to purchase a laptop or desktop? What features have you made a priority? Does the new computer you are looking for match your budget? A lot of times our budget doesn’t fit all our needs, so we settle for the downgrade. Understand that settling within your budget, when your criteria aren’t met, can be a waste of money. Why? Because you will not be satisfied with your new computer. If you lack the budget for a computer that you really need, wait up! Just wait for the right time so you’ll be able to afford the one that is right for you.


When buying a computer, take your time and don’t rush yourself. The more you insist on the computer you think is right for you (even though it may not be), you may just end up wasting your money. Wait for the right time and the right computer that suits your needs.

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