Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a device mainly used to store data. It acts as secondary storage aside from the RAM (read access memory). HDD can be external or internal.

Since we usually use hard drives for storage we must know how to take care of it. But, of course, as far as we wanted it in good condition at all times, there would come an instance that we can be damaged or fail.

Today, we’ll share with you the common causes of hard drive failure and how to prevent it.


  • Sudden power failure.
  • Incompatible power supply.
  • Unreliable power source.

SOLUTION: Use a reliable secondary power supply or UPS. Turn off your computer properly. Make sure that the power source is compatible to your computer; the voltage should not be too high or too low.


  • Damaged fans.
  • Too much heat.
  • Clogged airways.

SOLUTION: Computer fans or CPU fans should stay clean and free from dust. Make sure that airways are not blocked by dirt or any equipment. Use a cooling pad for laptop computers. Do not place your computer in a hot area.


  • Damaged computer.
  • Loose computer parts.
  • Incorrect placement of hard drive.

SOLUTION: When using an external hard drive, make sure to connect it to your computer correctly. Incorrect placement may lead to hard drive failure. When your computer has loose parts or damaged, it will also affect the performance of your hard drive.


  • Malware
  • Ransonware
  • Other kinds of viruses

SOLUTION: Once a virus penetrated on your computer, it is the hard drive that might get affected first. Viruses commonly damaged your files, software, and/apps. Make sure that you are running a regular scan on your computer and install or keep your anti-virus software updated at all times.


A hard drive is one important part of your computer system since we store our files and/or data in it. Prevention is better than cure. Know the things that may affect your hard drive performance or may damage it. It is a MUST that you are keeping it clean and free from viruses. For external hard drives, make sure that you will only be using the one compatible with  your computer. There are many types of an external hard drive that you can choose from, just choose the best suits your needs and your computer.

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