CHECKLIST: Building A Strong Security Culture

Did you know that having a strong security system is not enough to prevent your company from getting attacked by cybercriminals? Let's say that your company is equipped with the most recent cybersecurity equipment - firewalls are inaccessible, end-to-end encryption is in place, and cybersecurity protocols are heightened. One more thing should be added to achieve a strong cybersecurity system - a strong security culture must be in place.

IT experts strongly believe that building a strong security culture is critical for any organization to reduce insider risk. How does an organization accomplish this and where should they start? Below is a checklist we have compiled to ensure you have what it takes to build a strong security culture.

  • Employees are empowered with regular training regarding security risks.
  • Bring your own device policies are in place and enforced whenever it is needed.
  • Everyone knows what to do if they suspect an email is a phishing attempt.
  • There are no sticky notes or electronic documents with passwords on them anywhere.
  • Security awareness training is not used as a punishment.
  • Every employee at every level is modeling smart security behavior.
  • No one is afraid of losing their job because of an honest mistake.
  • Passwords are safely stored and protected with multifactor authentication.
  • No one is reusing, recycling or sharing their credentials.
  • Asking for help or clarification about a security issue or procedure is encouraged.
  • The dark web is monitored for compromised current and previous employee credentials.
  • Security is a clear and supported corporate priority.


Developing a strong security culture in any organization is crucial to promoting cybersecurity awareness, comprehension, and significance of security best practices. Jackson Technologies, led by Paul Jackson, CEO/Cybersecurity Specialist, specializes in providing strong cybersecurity system and programs to all business of any size. Helping your company to have a strong cybersecurity system is our priority.

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