Working in a clean and organized environment makes us feel comfortable and efficient. This is where cable management gets into the “spotlight”. But what is cable management? Is it really necessary? The answer is — definitely YES!

Cable management refers to the organizational system of electrical and network cables, whether the wires are located inside the network rack or during the installation process. The main purpose of cable management is to create a pleasant, neat, and likable office environment.

Below are the reasons why cable management is indeed, important!


        I am sure that all of you will agree that safety is the number 1 reason why cable management is important. Having messy or disorganized cables or wires are fire starters. Yes! After the installation of cables, they checked to see if they are loose. Loose cables are a fire hazard. Imagine if someone had to walk across a filthy or scruffy cables; the situation can cause an accident or injuries.


        Another important safety benefit for maintaining good cable management is to provide ventilation or good air flow within the cables and the equipment. Managing the right temperature will not only preserve a long life to your cables and devices but also prevent an untimely incident such as a fire. Burnt cables are one of the most common causes of a network outages and/or broken devices. If the airways are clogged, the tendency for rising temperatures is likely to happen.


        If cables are properly labeled and organized, troubleshooting the equipment will be an easy task. Technicians will be able to see the connections and can easily identify the cause.


Make good cable management a practice! By having good cable management, businesses can save hundreds of dollars because it preserves the life of their equipment, reduces downtime, and gives a better and safer work environment.

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