VoIP phones are becoming essentials to businesses today. The benefits and great features are two big factors why businesses are now switching from their old traditional phones to VoiP phones.

And to help you out in choosing which VoIP phones best suits your business, we have searched, collated and made a list of the Best VoIP phones based on their features, cost, and capabilities.

And here it goes…


        This VoIP phone is the number 1 choice of businesses. Its key features include 16 line capability, dual USB ports, Polycom HD voice, 4.3” touch screen, voicemail support, and has “Do not disturb” option.


        The Grandstream GXP2170 is the second best choice because of its great voice quality. The key factors to consider on this phone are it has full-duplex speakerphone with excellent echo cancellation, 12 SIP lines, 5-way conference support, and Bluetooth compatibility. It also supports Google voice, internet radio, weather, and currency updates that show up on the screen.

3. POLYCOM SoundPoint IP Series

        This Polycom IP series is designed for small to large businesses. It has excellent sound quality, simple, and user-friendly interfaces. The best part of this phone is its price range.


        The Cisco 7900 IP series can provide your business with excellent voice quality, clear/high-resolution display, dynamic softkeys, wireless capability. And the best thing about this phone is its versatility for organizations with wide-range needs.

5. Htek UC924

        This is for businesses looking for a quality phone at a low cost. Business can’t go wrong with this phone as it offers 5-way conferencing, has 4 SIP accounts, HD Voice, 3.5-inch display, and is compatible with RJ9 headsets. This phone is best for businesses that are starting up and would like an advance phone system at an affordable price.


        VTech IP phones are one of those suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It may not be as advanced as the other IP phones but this phone can still provide you what you need for a VoIP phone. It has HD voice quality, 6 SIP accounts, call recording and 3-way conference calling, large LCD display. It is also a user-friendly phone which makes troubleshooting an easy task.


Investing in the phone system is very important in businesses. This is where great communication builds and a good source of income too. With VoIP phones, you can do tasks that cannot be done in regular or traditional phones. Versatility is the main reason why you should choose VoIP phones over the traditional ones.

Let your business experience the goodness of having a VoIP phone!!!!

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